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Celebrity Sighting at GWC!!!

Rose McGowan was spotted on Safari at Global Wildlife Center Monday, November 21st! Follow the link below to read the article on,,20547829,00.html


Global Wildlife is celebrating our 20th Anniversary - Hosting a Members Only Fall Festival on Saturday, November 12th from 5:00 to 8:00pm and this will also be our celebration of "Conservation At Work!" for two decades.

Become a member today and join us for our Members Only Fall Festival! This event will have lots of fun activities for the kids, food, and plenty of beverages.

We hope that everyone can make it and we are excited to see old and new faces!

For more information about Global Wildlife Members Only Fall Festival and Global Wildlife Memberships please contact (985) 796-3585 Ext. 0


The Northshore's Best Spot for All Your Holiday Parties!

Plan your Holiday Party at Global Wildlife Center. This is a wonderful venue to mark all occasions during this time of year. 

Global Wildlife Center is a fun for all, exciting, entertaining, and much more adventure.  

Our locale offers Pavilion and Tree House Rentals with a spectacular view of wild and exotic animals and of the property. We even offer Safari Wagon Tours and Private Pinz Tours. The Tours will take you through our 900 acres of beautiful savanna where you can see, touch, and fed 35 species and over 4,000 animals that roam free! We have many children activities to choose from for a nice added touch for a WILD time!

All inquiries please contact Megan Ryburn or Nancy Ruiz at 985-796-3585 Ext 13 or by email at and

Book by November 15, 2011 and receive...

 If you book your Holiday Party at Global Wildlife Center by November 15, 2011, you'll receive two bins of animal feed for your Safari Tour, a value of $150.00  

Agreement must be signed by November 15, 2011 to qualify. Must be a Party of 100 guests or more to qualify.

Calf donated to Global Wildlife Center

A  mix between a Brahma and Herford Cattle was donated to Global Wildlife Center on September 26, 2011. His name is "Patch" and he is almost 10 months old and weighs approximately 500 lbs. Patch was donated to the Center by Finnegan Patrick Luke.

A special thanks to The Luke Family and The Reimann Family for their continued support!

photo taken by Megan Ryburn


Our New Baby Giraffe Has a Name

Global Wildlife Center is proud to announce the name of our New Baby Reticulated Giraffe! Global Wildlife Board of Directors and Staff Members are happy to name the Baby after Board Member Billy Breaux from Broussard, La. This symbolizes our token of appreciation for being such an active Board Member for 20 years.

Among the largest giraffes born here at the Center he is the ninth family member of Reticulated Giraffes.

Almost 2 months old, Billy is active, curious, and loves entertaining our visitors. Come visit Billy the Baby Giraffe and all nine of our gentle giants at Global Wildlife Center today!

photo taken by Megan Ryburn



A Tall Order

Pick up your Times Picayune Newspaper this morning or follow the link and view the new 2012 Grand Jeep Cherokee SRT8 photographed at Global Wildlife Center!

Baby Nilgai born at Global Wildlife Center!

Nilgai's are native to the Indian and Tibetan Region. Our baby was born at Global Wildlife Center on August 11, 2011. Gestation is around 8 months with a single young weighing approximately 33 lbs at birth. Our baby weighed around 20 lbs at birth. Both male and females are born in a light reddish brown color, but males will begin to turn a bluish gray around 2-3 years of age with horns developing during that time. Nilgai's are the largest antelope found in India, and are considered sacred to Hindus because of their likeness to cattle.   

Come visit our New Baby Nilgai at Global Wildlife Center and give us your baby name suggestions!


Photo taken by Megan Ryburn.

It's a Boy! The Long Awaited New Baby Giraffe born at Global Wildlife Center!

Global Wildlife Center is proud to announce the arrival of a New Baby Reticulated Giraffe. Mother Sandee who is almost six years old and Father John are proud parents of their new baby boy!

Typically, baby Giraffes are born after a 15 month gestation period, and are around six feet tall and weigh up to 150 lbs at birth. The Mother Giraffe gives birth standing up and the baby calf falls approximately six feet to the ground when it's born.

Born on July 31, 2011 around 10:15 a.m., the new baby is among the largest Giraffes born here at the Center. He stands a little over six feet and weighs around 175 lbs. After 3 hours of exhausting labor Sandee leaned down and kissed her baby boy for the first time.

We are proud to report that the new Baby Giraffe is extremely curious and is getting to know his surroundings by exploring the Wildlife Preserve with his family. He has been spotted chasing around Grant Zebra's and other animals on the 900 acre Wildlife Preserve that he now calls home.

Sandee and her new baby have also made their way to the Safari Wagon Tours delighting the visitor's of Global Wildlife Center to get a first look at the newest member of the Global Wildlife Family!

Rheas Birds nest hatched at Global Wildlife Center!

This is the third nest that has hatched at Global Wildlife Center this year! Rheas are from South America and are the 4th largest bird in the world. Incubation lasts 52 days. Male Rheas can have up to six mates, all of which will lay eggs in a single nest, leaving him to incubate eggs and rear the young.

First Baby Kudu born at Global Wildlife Center!

Saturday evening on July 9, 2011 our first baby Kudu was born at Global Wildlife Center!

The African Kudu are from the Eastern and Southern Regions of Africa. The Kudus are among the largest of antelopes and they are considered to be the most handsome!

Female Kudu and their young travel in small bands; males are solitary and join the band only during the mating season. The Kudu gestation period is around 8 months after which the female Kudu will normally give birth to just one baby.