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News & Events




The center is transformed into a beach lovers paradise! 

From a sandy beach, to a waterslide, bounce house and mini pools for the littles ones. 

Enjoy free food, drinks and music.  Lets not forget the silent auction for the adults!

Lots of fun.  

So don't delay!  Become a MEMBER today!!


Sweet, Playful, & Six Feet Tall, Help Us Name Him While He's Small!




We invite you to help us name our newest addition to Global Wildlife Center! Enter to have the honor of naming our newest addition!


Start entering your suggestions as early as Monday, June 13th and at latest Wednesday, July 6th.

All suggestions must be submitted before midnight on Wednesday, July 6th.   

Here's how to participate:

Email your name choice to reservations@globalwildlife.com.

Enter "Giraffe Name Contest" in the subject field.

Include a contact name, phone number, and reason why you chose this name in the message field.

Then hit send message.


It's that easy!!

Now there are a few rules we must include but are not limited to:

Only one name per person/organization can be submitted.

All name suggestions must be submitted via email above. Any name suggestions submitted via our Facebook wall will not be considered for eligibility.

If your name is chosen in the top three it will be posted on our Facebook page on Friday, July 8th. Once your name is posted in our Giraffe Name Contest Album, you can share it on your Facebook wall and encourage all of your friends and family to "LIKE" your photo! Recruit all of your clicking finger friends to put your name in the top spot. Remember every "Like" counts!


Facebook Voting will conclude on Thursday, July 14th. The top two finalist will be submitted to the Global WIldlife Foundation Board of Directors. A winner will then be chosen and posted on Friday, July 15th.






Global Wildlife Celebrates 25 Years with Hand Crafted Sculptures

Sculptor Alexei Kazantsev sketches his ideas.
The final sculpture will be shown on Memorial Day!




Hand Crafted Sculptures for 25th Anniversary!


Global WIldlife Center is excited to present our hand crafted, custom designed sculptures on Memorial Day by Artist and Sculptor Alexei Kazantsev. Special thanks to Saladino Gallery, Danny Saladino & Joni Vaccari.


Stay tuned for more pictures!  


Global Wildlife Center welcomes Elsa, a baby giraffe, our little frozen miracle




Global Wildlife Center welcomes Elsa, a baby giraffe, our little frozen miracle!


Global Wildlife Center welcomes Elsa, our newest addition to the Reticulated Giraffe family. She was born on the frigid, frozen morning of Friday, February 5, 2016, hence her name Elsa from Disney's "Frozen". Within minutes after her birth Global Wildlife's staff noticed someting unusual. Maggie, Elsa's mother, wanted nothing to do with her. After much patience, Global Wildlife Center's operation team stepped into action to help with the survival of this vulnerable calf.

Baby giraffes, like many species, need their mother's colostrum immediately after birth to aid in the prevention of infection. Without this the baby would not survive. Thanks to our staff, Veterinarian Dr. Strickland from Lewis Greene & Associates, San Diego Zoo, and Tiffany Lockhart, Elsa has survived the most vulnerable time of her life. Elsa is being cared for by Global Wildlife's staff 24/7 in our heated lab where we are giving prophylactic antibiotics and feeding her from a bottle. Dr. Strickland says she is thriving and he could not hope for anything better! Elsa is released in a supervised are to play during the day and she is returned to her heated barn at night. She will continue to be bottle fed fo up to 6 months as she continues to get stronger and will be reintroduced to her family soon!


Global Wildlife Center welcomes NEW baby Reticulated Giraffe!




Global Wildlife Center welcomes our New Baby Reticulated Giraffe!

Global Wildlife Center welcomes, Rylan, our newest addition to our Reticulated Giraffe family. Rylen was born to Kameel and Brees' on December 30, 2015. Kameel was our first giraffe born at Global Wildlife Center on June 13, 1993 over 22 years ago. Rylen, Brees' first baby, mader her entrance just in time to celebrate our 25th anniversary!

Rylen recieved her name in honor of New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees' daughter. Wehn our male giraffe, Brees, had his first baby girl the Global Wildlife team thought it was only appropriate to name her Rylen. Rylen has been spotted getting to know her surroundings. She is very active and loves to run!


Halloween 2015

Trick or Treat?!

Boy do we have a TREAT for you!...

All of our GWC Staff will be dressed in 'kid-friendly' costumes

for the Whole Week of Halloween!

Come climb aboard a Safari Wagon with a tour guide in disguise & observe the frisky animal behavior fall brings to your eyes!

 October 25th- 31st






Join us for our Member's Only 2015 Fall Festival

Non-member guest are welcome for a $15 donation, adults & children. Guest donations must be prepaid & are rain or shine.


Saturday, October 10, 2015


RSVP (985) 796-3585 Ext. 110



Attention Teachers: Free Pencil Case per Student

Attention Teachers: Free Safari Pencil Case



Book your School Field Trip in September and receive a free pencil case for each student in your class and free picture frame per teacher while supplies last! Enjoy a 75-minute guided Safari Wagon tour over 900 acres of beautiful Louisiana countryside complete with 12 ponds and a lake. During the tour you'll come face to face with bison, giraffe, zebra, camels, eland, and much more! The animals roam free - It's Africa, in Louisiana! Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy lunch under our covered safari pavilion.

 Click this link for safari reservation form: