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Kids Corner!





Each Child is allowed to submit one sheet.

Color Sheet is to be mailed to the address below.

Attn: Coloring Contest

26389 Hwy 40

Folsom, LA 70437

The Sheet must be received by  NOVEMBER 5th to be entered in the contest.

One winner will be chosen and mailed 1 FREE Child Pass.

**Please make sure to include name, address, age, and phone number on the sheet**

Ages: 2-6 Color Me! (Download and print color sheet below)

Ages 7-11 Show us what you can do! (Draw and color your own Red Lechwe)

Just for fun, download a Red Lechwe Wordsearch below and see how many words you can find!!

Red Lechwe Coloring Sheet
Just for Fun! Red Lechwe Word Search!