It's a Boy! The Long Awaited New Baby Giraffe born at Global Wildlife Center!

Global Wildlife Center is proud to announce the arrival of a New Baby Reticulated Giraffe. Mother Sandee who is almost six years old and Father John are proud parents of their new baby boy!

Typically, baby Giraffes are born after a 15 month gestation period, and are around six feet tall and weigh up to 150 lbs at birth. The Mother Giraffe gives birth standing up and the baby calf falls approximately six feet to the ground when it's born.

Born on July 31, 2011 around 10:15 a.m., the new baby is among the largest Giraffes born here at the Center. He stands a little over six feet and weighs around 175 lbs. After 3 hours of exhausting labor Sandee leaned down and kissed her baby boy for the first time.

We are proud to report that the new Baby Giraffe is extremely curious and is getting to know his surroundings by exploring the Wildlife Preserve with his family. He has been spotted chasing around Grant Zebra's and other animals on the 900 acre Wildlife Preserve that he now calls home.

Sandee and her new baby have also made their way to the Safari Wagon Tours delighting the visitor's of Global Wildlife Center to get a first look at the newest member of the Global Wildlife Family!