Global Wildlife Celebrates our 20th Anniversary!

Twenty years ago their was a vision to ensure the conservation of some of our Earth's most precious resources by introducing them face-to-face to people. That idea was the genesis of Global Wildlife Center.

Over the past two decades, over a million of adults and children have marveled at the feel of a giraffe's neck, the length and breadth of a cow's tongue, and the antics of a baby antelope. A second generation of Global Wildlife visitors are discovering the joy of interacting one-on-one with animals in their natural environment. Moms and Dads who visited as children and lauged as they battled a cup-stealing Cape Eland are coming back to do th same with their kids.

A heart-felt thanks goes out to everyone who's supported our efforts to "Celebrate Conservation at Work." Because of you, Global Wildlife has grown, the animals have flourished and many have come to realize that all living things truly depend on each other.

Come roam with us and help us Celebrate 20 Years of "Conservation at Work!"