Welcome to the Global Wildlife Center!                    Safari Wagon Check-In Times:           Thurs, April 28th: *Updated due to weather* 11:30w-limited seats, 2           Fri, April 29th: 1, 2           Sat, April 30th: 9-w/ limited seats, 10,11,12,1,2           Sun, May 1st: 9, 10,11,12,1,2           For additional tour check in times, visit our Safari Tour Page!           Private Pinz Tours are a great way to get up close and personal with over 4,000 wild and exotic animals! Call to book your private tour today.

Free Animal Feed for Fieldtrips in September, January and February


Show your support for the animals at Global Wildlife Center by booking your school fieldtrip early this year.

Every reservation made for a tour in September, January or February will receive a free cup of animal feed per person! And remember one teacher per class always tours free! Come see for yourself how exciting education can be at Global Wildlife Center!